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Doona / quilt covers are designed to make it easy to change the look of your bedding as well as keeping it clean.

Other countries (and sometimes here in oz), people call them duvet covers, or comforter covers.

Further info ...

"Duvet" is a french word, which means, the down of birds, which is the feathers, that have no spine to them. A quilt / doona cover or duvet cover is much like a huge pillow case for your doona.

The best way to place a cover, is to trun it inside out and place it at one end, then simply pull it over, turning it the right way out as you go.

Covers, come in a few shapes and sizes, they come in standard sizes as all other bedding items. double, queen, king sizes are the usual. Most covers are quite large so they can accommodate any kind.

What does thread count mean?

Covers come in thread counts (TC), just like sheets which also do. All this means is the number of threads in each square inch. THe higher the thread count, in general the better quality. It will be more durable and softer. Thread counts start from 100 and can go well past 1000.


Doona covers / Quilt Covers, generally have a closure, and are usually fastened across the end, with anything from a button, to snaps, ties or zippers.

More informationhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Duvet

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